Silver Bracelet

Of all the different types of jewelry available, bracelets tend to be some of the most popular. People love bracelets because they not only dress up your wrist, but can also make outfits stand out more as well! When choosing the type of bracelet that you want it’s important to know that there are different styles you can choose from. Listed below are some of the most popular bracelet designs people tend to buy.

silver chain bracelet

Charm Bracelet – Charm bracelets have one or more small charms attached to them. These charms may consist of gemstones, rhinestones, metals, or just about any other common type of jewelry material. These types of bracelets are usually bought in shapes or styles that hold significance to the owner. Whether it be a type of family heirloom, a sport they enjoy, or anything else that represents them.

Bangel Bracelet – Bangel bracelets have no clasps or flexible, stretchy pieces attached to them. Instead, they are usually meant to slip over your hand and hang loosely around your wrist. Sizes can vary from extremely thin to very thick, and they are often worn together in combination with other bangels too. The delicate clanging and chiming that multiple bangles create is often a notable feature of the style.

Chain Bracelet – As expected, the chain bracelet consists of a chain links and you will find the size of the links can vary considerably. Common chain bracelet types include Bead, Box, Mesh, Rolo, Rope, Snake, and Wheat.

Bracelets can be a great way to show off your love for gold or silver. But, heart necklaces and earrings are also very popular styles of jewelry that women love to wear and show off as well. No matter which type of jewelry you like best, always consider buying online because that’s where you’ll get the best deal!